It all started with a dream. A dream to travel the world and document our adventures. At Dream Beach, we are optimists, we are travellers, we are creatives, but above all, we are storytellers.

Josh Stockdale
Josh Stockdale
Business Director
Overview –  You’ll find Josh in a cafe, gym and always near by a beach. Josh is a former guitarist turned full-time travel and sports fanatic. His illustrious travel story started at the early age of 15 when he was flown to Los Angeles with his band. 31 countries under his belt and he’s responsible for all things business development and project management at Dream Beach. 
Favourite brands – DJI, Apple and All Saints  
Favourite sport – Football
Cao Nguyen
Cao Nguyen
Business Development & Project Manager
Overview – Cao is our south-east Asia specialist, he knows every location and how to get the correct permits. He’s been a project manager for productions at Dream Beach as well as for his own company, We Do Creative Films, planning and delivering high-calibre content for big name international brands like Boohoo, Missguided and Adidas.
Favourite brands – DJI, Red Bull, Nike
Favourite sport – Muay Thai
Ben Reynard
Account / Business Manager
Overview – Based between London and Harrogate, Ben ensures the smooth running of campaigns and projects in the UK. Always on hand for guidance, feedback and ideas, Benโ€™s creative spark and eye for detail stems from his musical background where he has worked on a #1 album, #1 airplay record and grown artist social media accounts into the millions. 
Favourite brands – Spotify, The Ivy, Yeezy
Favourite sport – Skiing, Mountain Biking
Alexander Boulton
Alexander Boulton
Creative Director / Videographer
Overview –  Alex lives and breathes filmmaking. His earliest memories are filming parkour videos in his North Yorkshire village. Fast forward the years, Alex is now a Lumix Ambassador of Video who has filmed alongside National Geographic and produced Universal Music Group videos for Grammy Nominated musicians.
Favourite brands – Lumix, DJI and Represent
Favourite sport – Snowboarding
Muhammad Zee
Muhammad Zee
FPV Drone specialist
Overview – Zee is an FPV drone expert! He has worked on campaigns with Dream Beach around Asia. A few years back, he switched from FPV drone racing to use his highly sought after skills to create cinematic videography and bring the drone game to a new height… Literally!
Favourite brands – Fatshark, I-Flight, FRSky
Favourite sports – FPV drone racing! 
Jan Trnka
Jan Trnka
Overview – Jan is a Director & DOP, who works on international productions with Dream Beach and his own agency We Do Creative Films. We have worked together on countless digital campaigns in the travel, fashion and sports industries for the likes of Stronger Label, Lumix and The Yacht Week. 
Favourite brands – DJI, Sony, Lumix, GoPro
Favourite sport – Motocross
Bianca Polizzi
Bianca Polizzi
Account Manager
Overview – Not your average yogi! Bianca grew up living in Africa and Europe. She spent her younger years being the personal assistant to the Duchess of Palma, learning to speak fluent French and Italian. Outside of her busy work schedule writing debate responses for political leaders and managing our client accounts, she finds time to teach yoga. 
Favourite brands – Ram Dass, Alan Watts and Apple
Favourite sport – Yoga, yoga and yoga
Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
SEO and Ads Guru
Overview – Our Swedish social expert! Micky’s been looking after our ad accounts for 3 years now, he is always identifying progressive areas for our clients to push their social spend. The social media landscape is always evolving and Micky stays on top of all the new trends. 
Favourite brands – Zerpico and anything Swedish 
Favourite sport – I hate sports, I love the computer!
Josh Hill
Josh Hill
Drone Pilot / Videographer
Overview – Growing up with the founders, Josh works closely with the Dream Beach team as well as for his own production company Skyward. Mainly working on UK tourism productions. Josh is a licensed drone pilot who helps the team maximise the quality and potential of aerial each shoot. His favourite project with  so far was the Visit Carmathensire project.
Favourite brands –  Sony, DJI, Apple
Favourite sport – Rugby